Ignatian Resources

A bibliography of Ignatian resources for student, faculty, and staff of the university

Daily Readings

While many engage in a systematic or organized approach to learning a topic, some just jump in. Some like to discover a new city by picking a direction and going forth. They discover new ways and places and don’t put together a “map” or “framework” of the city until they have accumulated a wealth of experience. So too, you might just want to begin by reading and listening to others on their spiritual journeys. You may find an author you find really appealing. If so, go back and read their previous works. This little bit of backtracking can be very rewarding. You may also find related links that bring you to new authors with similar reflections. This too can be quite rewarding. Go ahead, read, listen and explore. And, after a while, consider going back and learning some of the vocabulary, framework and background that will help to make sense of your current experience. Enjoy the journey.