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Men and Women for Others

The Ignatian Way presentations conclude with a look at the results of Ignatian Spirituality. The phrase “Men for Others” was used by Fr. Pedro Arrupe, Superior General of the Society, in an address to Jesuit high alumni at Valencia Spain in 1973. At that time most alumni from Jesuit high schools were in fact male. Since that time the phrase has been expanded to encompass the whole host of men and women who follow the Jesuit or Ignatian tradition. Currently most will state this Jesuit value as developing “Men and Women for and with others.”

Ignatius says in the Spiritual Exercises that love needs to express itself in deeds more than words. We look not simply at what we have learned as followers of Ignatius but rather who we become. The goal is not merely to become spiritually adept. The goal is to become companions, neighbors to those in need. This makes us “Men and Women for and with others.”

Reflections - Men and Women for Others

Fr. Arrupe calls for personal and social change. A personal change that makes concrete actions of love and service a priority in life. This derives from Ignatius’ fundamental belief that we are to share in God’s work of healing and building up the world. It is also Ignatius’ belief that we are most human, most fulfilled when in fact we do live a life of service and compassion.