Ignatian Resources

A bibliography of Ignatian resources for student, faculty, and staff of the university

The Ignatian Way Video Series

A multi-part video series from the Loyola Press. Want to hear the story of Ignatius? Want a simple introduction to Ignatian Spirituality? Begin with The Ignatian Way presented by Ignatianspirituality.com 

Other videos in the series include:

Reflections - The Ignatian Way

There are many misconceptions about Ignatius and Ignatian Spirituality. From the video, can you choose the correct understanding of the Ignatian Way?

  1. Ignatius intent was to:
    1. Found a religious order that would staff schools
    2. Help others get in touch with God so that God directs their lives from then on
    3. Do away with Church history, laws and structures
    4. Eventually replace traditional religion with something more modern
  2. The goal of Ignatian Spirituality is:
    1. To tell people how to live their lives
    2. To instruct people in the rules of Church Law
    3. To teach people how to pray the rosary
    4. To enable others to get in touch with God so that God directs their lives
  3. Ignatian Spirituality transforms the lives of individuals by:
    1. Helping them to understand the movements of God in their hearts
    2. Assigning them penances to make reparations for their mistakes
    3. Assisting them to become monks and nuns living in monasteries
    4. Separating them from the world of sinners and cheats
  4. Ignatian Spirituality is about the Divine Project of:
    1. Converting everyone to Catholicism
    2. Working with God and with one another to heal the world
    3. Living in prayer apart from the world
    4. Defeating other world religions to create a unified people