Ignatian Resources

A bibliography of Ignatian resources for student, faculty, and staff of the university


How is Ignatian prayer different from other forms of prayer? In many cases there is no difference. We use the same basic prayers and liturgical texts as others in the Catholic tradition. What makes Ignatian Prayer different is the backdrop of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, a part of the spiritual training of every Jesuit. Contained within those Exercises are a style of prayer known as contemplation, an imaginative entering into the narrative of a gospel story, biblical text or event. Using the framework of the imagination one uses this as a springboard for a conversation with God about what one imagines and/or feels. Like the relishing of a memory of a summer outing, one focuses on specific details that delight or distract. One might revel in the feel of sun.

Below are resources that offer an introduction and prayer websites in the tradition of Ignatian Spirituality: