Ignatian Resources

A bibliography of Ignatian resources for student, faculty, and staff of the university

What is Ignatian Prayer?

The Ignatian Way presentations include the fundamentals of Ignatius’ search for God and meaning. They are the fruits of his conversations with others seeking God, reflection, observation of his own feelings and desires, and, of course, trial and error. Yet the results are not merely new insights or prayer techniques, they are a way of life based upon our own experience of God working with us

Reflections - What is Ignatian Prayer?

Can you now choose the correct answer to the following statements about Ignatian Prayer?

  1. Ignatian Prayer is:
    1. Only for a few, those who spend years in training
    2. A series of chants and prayer texts to be memorized
    3. A way of noticing God working in our everyday lives
    4. Restricted to those in religious orders
  2. In Ignatian Prayer:
    1. We speak to God through various Saints
    2. We all do the same thing
    3. We follow the promptings of the Spirit, noticing what works for us
    4. We learn to chant the Liturgy of the Hours
  3. Ignatian Prayer begins with:
    1. Reverence and a sense of gratitude for God’s gifts
    2. A penitential rite, seeking first remorse for our sins
    3. Recitation of the Creed
    4. Incense and candles before a statue of Ignatius
  4. Ignatian Prayer asks us to:
    1. Use our imagination to explore the depths of a gospel story
    2. Consider our own reactions and feelings to a gospel story
    3. Speak directly with God about what delights us and what disturbs us in a gospel story
    4. All of the above