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Decision Making

The Ignatian Way presentations reach a climax when using discernment as a tool for decision making. While we may use the rules and tools of discernment for important decisions in our lives, discernment may be seen as broader. We may develop a discerning heart to help us in our daily lives, to learn the direction where is drawing us, to see how God is shaping us. Decision making may be considered a subset of the larger framework of discernment.

Reflections - Decision Making

Some of Ignatius’ rules for decision making are practical, some spiritual. As a practical person Ignatius might ask you to: speak with a friend, reflect on your decision as if a friend had come to you seeking advice, let your mind roam as if you had made the choice and see where your fantasy takes you. As a spiritual advisor Ignatius might suggest: begin by seeking God first, know your deepest desires, learn to trust and understand your feelings. This last spiritual suggestion is the basis of discernment—understanding your feelings. It is Ignatius’ belief that God speaks to us through our feelings, our heart more than our head. This may seem counterintuitive but when individuals speak of “inspiration” we are more often speaking of feelings, movements of the affect more than the reason.

While many may claim that making decisions based on feelings is impulsive, the process of discernment is more than feelings. It is understanding the feelings. Refer to some of the references from "What is Discernment?" as resources for learning to make good decisions.